I pledge allegiance...

We pledge allegiance to our flag at every lodge meeting.  We say, and have said, these words since we were children.  

What goes through our minds when we repeat the words of the pledge?  Of what do we think?  Do our thoughts reflect the meaning of our flag and the men and women who made the supreme sacrifice to protect our freedom and the freedom of so many in this world?

Perhaps a way to memorialize those who made that sacrifice would be to, while saying the pledge, remember to give thanks for every man and woman who died in the defense of our nation and for the principle of freedom of all nations, beginning with the fight for this nation's independence, through all of its conflicts.  Remembering also, those unsung and unknown persons whose names are represented by a star at Washington's Central Intelligence Agency along with those who served, at great peril and providing information necessary to advance security and the missions so diligently fought in defense of our interests.

Engaging these thoughts will enshrine the memory of these valiant defenders of democracy and our way of life.

Just a few thoughts, brothers.

Freemasons in Michigan join because of a friend they know in the organization.   We understand that we are part of a fraternity that is much larger than ourselves.   A group of men from all walks of life, who live morally, are charitable, and sensitive to the call of the Widow and Orphan.  We belong to a Lodge where the voice of politics and religion are not uttered, yet the lessons we are taught instill a deep sense of faith, a never ending belief in the immortality of the soul, and a strong desire to serve our communities both personally and as a group.  We are free to participate in the Masonic experience at whatever level we are comfortable.  Some may even climb the symbolic ladder that leads to fame within our mystic circle.  The bond of Brotherhood is quietly displayed through word, act and deed.  Self improvement and making the world a better place to live, is always the goal of a Brother Mason.

                                                                                                                        William LeVeque, PGM


Alcona Lodge sponsors several scholarships for Alcona High School graduating seniors.

Scholarship funds are raised through our annual lodge golf tournament.  The tournament began in 1987 and since its inception the lodge has raised and distributed some $140,000.  In all 137 scholarships have been awarded.

Freemasonry, A Way of Life